Monthly Archives: June 2022


More often than not, I wonder why.

Why can’t life just work out the way I want.

Why do the people I love the most die.

Why am I always the one left to mourn them.

I don’t understand why people have to suffer,

Or live in poverty and hunger.

Why some have so much wealth,

And others just struggle to survive each day.

Why some people have everything,

And others have nothing.

Why some people’s lives are heaven on earth,

While others live in the depths of hell.

Why nature gives us sunrises and sunsets,

Rainbows and flower gardens,

Only to ravage us with hurricanes and tsunamis,

Tornadoes and drought.

Life is a puzzle it seems.

A puzzle no one has ever been able to solve.

I constantly look for meaning in this life,

But all I find are more questions without answers.

Someday, my child, you will ask me why.

And I fear I won’t know what to say.

All I know for sure is you are the reason 

Why I exist,

And my love for you is never ending.

This I do know for sure.