Monthly Archives: January 2022

The Slowness in Between

We run around being busy,

And call it a life.

But real life is the slowness

In between.

It is the morning cuddles with your daughter

As you lay in bed.

It is noticing the five different colours of the sky

During sunrise and sunset.

It is walking through the woods,

Seeing the beauty of freshly fallen snow

Linger in the trees.

Life’s best moments don’t appear when you are

Busy running races.

They are found when you stop to smell the flowers

Along the way.


I was so ready to say good riddance to 2021. The worst year of my life. The year I lost my beloved Mum.

But now I realize that 2021 is also the last year of my life where I could see my Mum, hug her, hear her voice. Every year since 1975 had my Mum in it. 2022 would be the first year without. Suddenly letting go of 2021 is not so easy.

But I promise Mum that although you will not live to see my future years, I will carry you with me in any way I can – your stories, your memories will live on, even when you cannot.

Rest in peace my beautiful Angel.